21 May 2014

【Advanced Website Search Instruction】

Advanced search engine help improve the effectiveness of finding desired music, the practices outlined below could make it easier for a starter to optimize the use of this website.


Home→Music→Catalog→Choose a brand→enter into search engine

Advaced search engine

Start to use by clicking the ">" under the right bottom of LOGO banner 

You could execute advanced search by BPM, time slots,and year 


【Search By BPM】

Refine your search by BPM

For example:
If you are in search for mid-tempo tracks, you could set the speed betweet 80 BPM to 120 BPM and enter your search query, the relevant results will appear on page.

Here are some recommendations for your reference: 

Soft tempo / Slow-mid tempo(60 – 90 bpm)
Medium tempo(90 - 130 bpm)
Medium Fast tempo(130 - 168 bpm)
Fast tempo(168 - 200 bpm)

【Search by time slots】

Refine your search by time slots

This function allows you to specify the time of tracks you are looking for 
For instance, you could obtain the tracks last 2 to 10 mins by setting the length between 2 to 10 and entering search query

【Search by user tag 】

Search by user tag could help customize your own results.

Edit your key words-> Save

Your customized key words will be saved in database.
Next time you want to search with your customized key words, you could start the advanced search panel and select "search by user tag".Typing the words you saved                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


【Search within results : Select multiple categories】

Always find millions of tracks you don't need? This funcion optimizes your search results by selecting multiple categories.

First, you need to select a category

select "search within results"

Select an additional category

Deliever the search results including these two categories.

【Search for exact phrase】
Search for exact phrase limits the search to only results which have the phrase in them.

So, for example, if you search for ‘traditional piano’ it will return all results for ‘traditional’ and ‘piano’ (958 results).
If you select ‘Search for exact phrase’, then search ‘traditional piano’, it will only return results with ‘traditional piano’ as a phrase (so 7 results only).

【Advanced techniques : Download the cut down version of tracks】

If you require part of a track instead of a complete piece of work, you can use cut-down function. 

Click  icon to obtain two duplicated lines

Deciding your time span by dragging lines

Click  icon to download the cut down version (For privileged members only)

【Advanced search techniques : Create your own playlists】

Click "My Playlists" at the right bottom of main page 

You could add a new playlist to this section

You could add new tracks to the playlists you built by draging  button


Remove the tracks from the playlists by clicking X 

Other functions 

:Edit the name of playlists
:Download the cue sheet (detailed information included)
:Share the playlists to other users
:Delete the playlists
:Download the playlists to your email