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     Echo Music has devoted to the production music publishing business for over twenty years. We have extensive collection of FXS and production music catalogs from all around the world, which are updated monthly with the latest release. 
     Our collection of FXS and library music catalogs cover wide range of music genres, such as Oriental Music, Classical Music, Latin, Jazz, French Chanson, USA Pop, Opera, Country, Gospel Music, Dance, World Music, Techno, South Euro Music, SPA Music, New Age, Commercial Jingles, Chinese New Year, etc.
     To assist music selection, our music library search engine, which span across 14 regions including: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, Laos and Myanmar provides services for listening and downloading for dedicated members. We are also committed in building music catalogs from local artist by collecting original compositions from independent composers.


1. 2017 Free Membership

A. Enjoy the Free online search, audition as well as build up your own music collection.

B. Personal Music Consulting service will cost $ 1,000 RMB for every single case (no more than 50 tracks will be provided for each case) in which service fee will be included in License Fee.

2. 2017 VIP Membership  -- New

A. Membership Fee: $ 3,000 RMB/Year.

B. Personal Music Consulting service for unlimited with no more than 300 Tracks (64k mp3)/Year provided for Customer edition and proposal.

C. Echo Music will authorized users to download tracks after users report track no. and transfer payment.

D. License Fee:

a. 30% Off Discount for music license fee.

b. 20% Off Discount for extending license contract for same track of particular case.

All discounts cited above fully cover the music from Catalogs, Echo Music Libraries and Original categories except Customized Music Service.

3. Customer Payment Procedure

A. Chose The Piece of Music→ Confirm with Echo Music for the Track ID and fill out precisely the license application form.

B. License Fee Confirmed → Confirm with Echo Music for the license fee.

C. Payment → Transfer money to Echo Music Bank Account.

D. Send File → Echo Music will send out file once payment reception.

E. License Contract and Invoice → After confirmation the payment reception and license application form accuracy. Echo will send you the license contract and invoice in three working days.

4. Track/CD Blanket License

$ 2,000 RMB/CD/Year for All media usage except Commercial.

At least 5 CDs per Blanket License. Special discount can be offered if many more CDs are required.

Blanket License for tracks needs to be discussed case by case.

5. Customized Music

Echo Music not only has abundant music libraries but also offer customized music made by international composers for customers.

6. Background Music Performing Consultation

Echo Music has abundant background music in diverse style and different genre for every public places performing.

Contact us if you have any further questions.
7. Additional Services :

Various Music Consulting: film, movie script, commercial, etc.
Digital compilation and distribution in regional platforms
Promote local artist by marketing original compositions from independent composers

Contact Info

Address: 201103, Room 301, No.52, Lane 460, Hongzhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai



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Service -- service@echomusicpg.com

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